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AJPW Champion Carnival Tag 1 DVD 1. 15 KORAKUEN チャンピオン・カーニバル 9. · AJPW «CHAMPION CARNIVAL », 13. Label: BMG Victor Inc.

The 1976 tournament was the first Champion Carnival not won by Baba. The dates for each weight class varies while the tournament itself opens the start of the year. Singles Match: Mitsuo Momota defeated Akio Sato (10:18). Points awarded for the round-robin portion were 1 for a win, and 0 for a loss or draw.

Baba also won the second Champion Carnival, this time defeating Mr. The 1974 Champion Carnival was held from April 13 to May 14, was another 15-man single-elimination tournament, with the PWF Heavyweight Champion, Giant Baba, being granted another bye to the quarterfinals. Culttz Kawasaki Attendance: 462 viewers. A year later, AJPW presented the second Champion Carnival, which most notably introduced former Olympian Jumbo Tsuruta, who eventually went on to become one of the promotion&39;s top names. Review: Time to end A Block for the day as Enfants Terribles member, Kuma Arashi taking on our current Triple Crown Champion, the other half of the World Tag Team Champions, the Five Crown King, Suwama! · AJPW Results: Champion Carnival Day 1 – Nagoya, Japan (9/12) | The latest WWE, TNA, ROH, and global wrestling news!

6 5 Acadêmicos do Grande Rio: 269. 1973/03/18 Shibukawa, Gunma - City Gym (4,000) Akio Sato (14:50 pin) Munenori Higo Antonio Pugliese (9:05 pin) Mitsuo Momota. The Champion Carnival (チャンピオン・カーニバル Chanpion Kānibaru) is a professional wrestling tournament held by All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW). 8 3 Acadêmicos do Salgueiro: 269.

Jake Lee (3-0 record): 6 points-. Discover what&39;s missing in your discography and shop for Champion Carnival releases. SUWAMA finishes with only 2 points which is surprising given he is the Triple Crown champion. This was a fun sprint. The tournament is also known by the nickname Haru no Saiten (春の祭典, "Spring Festival") and is sometimes abbreviated to CC. In the Champion&39;s Parade is scheduled to happen on February 20th at 9 PM. Here are some reasons why you should definitely consider travelling to Rio during the Champion´s Parade Weekend. Champion Carnival Round 1: King Iaukea (11:40 pin) Thunder Sugiyama Giant Baba & The Destroyer (2-0) Mark Lewin & Calypso Hurricane 1: Baba & Destroyer (5:55 DQ) 2: Destroyer (9:28 pin) Hurricane.

It was held from March 25 to April 21. 4 6 Beija-Flor: 269. 7 Champions Parade: 4 Estação Primeira de Mangueira: 269.

· Champion Carnival B Block: Shotaro Ashino vs. 2 7 Imperatriz Leopoldinense: 268. There are still hundreds of parties taking place all over the city.

. It took place on Ma in Tokyo. Mitsuharu Misawa 2 defeats Gary Albright 0 (13:06) All workers.

Despite being cut from the Champion Carnival following the change in format for this year, Ryouji Sai still finds his way onto the card. 4 10 Unidos de Vila. Jake Lee 4 defeats Suwama 2 by referee&39;s decision (17:38) All workers. The inaugural Champion Carnival was in 1973 was a 15-man single-elimination tournament, held from March 17 to April 21. Many of the most traditional Street Parties (Blocos) in Rio will play again on the Champions´ Parade weekend. Can you name the winners of AJPW&39;s Champion Carnival tournament for every year it was held? AJPW Champion.

Quiz by benjarman98. · The complete results are: AJPW «CHAMPION CARNIVAL », 15. It was held from March 23 to April 16. 15 後楽園ホール大会 ダイジェスト全日本プロレスTVでは全試合配信中! The 1975 Champion CHAMPION CARNIVAL 1 Carnival was held from April 5 to May 3, strayed slightly from the previous formula; it featured the usual single-elimination tournament, but one in which the four finalists would advance to a round-robin, the two top scorers of which would face off in the finals to decide the champion.

As a result of a tie for second place, there was also a semifinal CHAMPION CARNIVAL 1 playoff between Giant Baba and Abdullah the Butcher. The winner, Keiji Mutoh, became the first man in history to win both the Champion Carnival and the G1 Climax, as well as the second man (after Vader) to win the Carnival in his first appearance. Wrestling in the final. Tokyo Korakuen Hall Attendance: 428 viewers.

The longest running tournament in puroresu is here, after a five month pandemic delay, Champion Carnival is finally underway. 9 Carnival Champion: Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel: 269. It was instead won by Canadian Abdullah the Butcher, who defeated Baba in the final.

It was held from March 20 to April 17. _____| The Destroyer_____ |Destroyer__ Steve Keirn. See full list on puroresusystem. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1993 CD release of Champion Carnival - January 1993 on Discogs. Champion Carnival highlights 9. I’m glad they slotted the other block matches down on the undercard because, let’s be honest, they aren’t that important. Kento Miyahara v.

1 For detailed results, see below. A fairly decent match here though I sometimes find it difficult to get invested in a match where the majority of the competitors don’t mean much to All Japan’s future in the long run. Test your knowledge on this sports CHAMPION CARNIVAL 1 quiz and compare your score to others. The Champion Carnival (チャンピオン・カーニバル, Chanpion Kānibaru) is a professional wrestling tournament held by All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW). The event took place on Ma.

Stan Hansen repeated Jumbo Tsuruta&39;s feat the previous year, winning every match he participated in. The champ losing to Ikemen here was a decision. First of all, we have the return of Darksideyoshitatsu, which is a gimmick that we haven’t seen since Tatsu’s triple crown challenge last year. Wrestling & Samson Kutsuwadareceived byes to the second round. The 1991 Champion Carnival introduced the modern "dual-block" system, with seven wrestlers in two separate leagues, and the CHAMPION CARNIVAL 1 winners of each facing off in the final. Singles Match KENSO vs. The 1992 Champion Carnival was another two-block round-robin tournament, this time with 10 wrestlers in each block. · Champion Carnival Block A Triple Crown Champion: Suwama.

10 Man Tag Team MatchMasanobu Fuchi, Taka. Created by AJPW founder Giant Baba,. The awesome party of the Champion&39;s Parade happens without fail the following Saturday after Carnival. · Watch Kento Miyahara vs Shingo Takagi - (AJPW Champion Carnival - day 1) - Todoroki Shoto on Dailymotion. Baba went on to win the tournament four more times, winning a total of seven out of the ten first Champion Carnivals. Champion Carnival 1997 First Round Match. Going into the show, the current Champion Carnival standings are: A block 1. Who won the 1976 carnival?

No Champion Carnivals were held fromChampion Carnival 1991 March 23 - Ap. · 8th MATCH / MAIN EVENT CHAMPION CARNIVAL FINAL (Time Unlimited 1 fall) Keiji Muto VS Mike Barton All Japan Pro-Wrestling Champion CarnivalApril 10th (Wednesday) Tsukisamu Green Dome (5,800 people) Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 武藤敬司のすべてMutō Keiji-no su-be-teALL OF KEIJI MUTOH Part. Koji Doi and Yusuke Kodama defeated Yusuke Okada and Baliyan Akki (6:55) with a Doi Lariat over Akki. The 1994 Champion Carnival was another single-block round-robin tournament, featuring 12 men. Patreon page for supporting creations like this one com/brianai The super talented and beautiful dancers from Brazil, Sao Paulo did a won. It was an event put on by All Japan Pro Wrestling. More CHAMPION CARNIVAL 1 images.

Results Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match. It got Ashino his heat back immediately, hyped up the match with Kento and played into the Kento/Aoyagi breakup/potential reconciliation! It was held from March 19 to April 16. CHAMPION CARNIVAL B BLOCK KENTO MIYAHARA 4 DEF. · Champion Carnival – Block B Match Yoshitatsu 2 def.

Atsushi Aoki & Yuma Aoyagi 2. · ***1/2. 1This was a two out of three falls match, which Baba won 2-1, with all three falls being decided via pinfall. Zeus (3-0 record): 6 points 3. The following results are from a recent All Japan Pro Wrestling live event. AJPW 1st Champion Carnival (Night 1) took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Round-robin results. Motoji Okuma_____ |Kiniski____ Gene Kiniski_____| | |Kiniski____ Jumbo Tsuruta_____ | |Tsuruta____| Bob Orton, Jr. Jake Lee and Fuminori Abe defeated Yusuke Okada and Baliyan Akki (5:04) with Lee&39;s Backdrop on Okada. save hide report. The winner, Keiji Mutoh, became the first man in history to win both the Champion Carnival and the G1 Climax, as well as the second man (after Vader) to win the Carnival in his first appearance. Six Man Tag Team Match. Ashino was pretty much in control for the whole match, working over the hurt back of Yoshitatsu. Time: 5:00AM East, 2:00AM West, 10:00AM British, 6:00PM Japan.

A year later, the single-elimination portion of the tournament was eliminated and the Champion Carnival was changed to a pure round-robin tournament, a format it holds to this day. Champion Carnival - Group B: Shuji Ishikawa 4 defeated Yoshitatsu 2 by incomparescence. Created by AJPW founder Giant Baba, the tournament has been held annually since 1973 and is the longest-running singles tournament in professio. The Champion Carnival (チャンピオン・カーニバル, Chanpion Kānibaru) is an annual boxing tournament after the Class A Tournament where after the winner of the Class A Tournament becomes ranked first in the rankings, they have a chance to face the national champion in a title match. 5 8 União da Ilha do Governador: 267. The event took place on September 12th, at the Congress Center in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. What is champion carnival? Posted by 5 days ago.

· Zeus then locked on the Facelock with the arm also pulled back to the referee stoppage. AJPW Champion Carnival Cards & Schedule Thread - 10 Men, 6 shows, and a primer on new roster members. Suwama is the former ace of AJPW and has held the Triple Crown Championship for the past three months. . It was broadcast on April 28, on GAORA TV. What year was first champion carnival not won? The 1978 Champion Carnival was another round-robin tournament featuring 15 entrants, held from March 4 to April 7. Who won the second champion carnival?

Tag Team Match Gurukun Mask & The Bodyguard vs. Jiro Ikemen Kuroshio – Champion Carnival (Block A) Oh boy. 2This was a two out of three falls match, which Baba won 2-1, with all three falls being decided via pinfall. September 12 – Champion Carnival Night 1 in Nagoya International Congress Center. Yoshitatsu – Champion Carnival (Block A) The two main ingredients to replicate the success of the Kento/Yoshitatsu miracle match were here (Yoshitatsu Great Muta half-paint job + Big Match Kento), but unfortunately the result came nowhere close. Result: Ashino wins via ref stoppage in 10:13 Rating: **1/2.

Giant Baba, as a result of his position as PWF Heavyweight Champion, was given a bye to the quarterfinals. Zeus on the 26th basically is the block finals. AJPW Results: Champion Carnival Day 1 – Tokyo, Japan (4/4) | The latest WWE, TNA, ROH, and global wrestling news!


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